Ramadan Mubarak Dua Daily List And Guidance

Islam is the biggest Religion in the world and it is spreading day by day among people even many non-Muslims are accepting Islam because they are realizing that Islam is true Religion. Islam has different festivals which Muslims from all over the world celebrates. One of the biggest Islamic festivals is Ramadan Mubarak which remains for a whole month. Ramadan is the 9th month of Islamic calendar. Basically, Ramadan is the month of Fasting and Prayers. This maximizes the Blessings of Allah for the Muslims.

Ramadan Mubarak Dua

Ramadan gives us the lessons of patience, leaving sins and helping each other at any cost. Therefore this month have more worth from other months. Muslims offer Prayers regularly and Pray to Allah for the forgiveness. There is special Happy Ramadan Quotes for the Muslims and they recite them regularly. Every night Muslims offer Tarawih after the Namaz of Esha. Tarawih means reciting the Quran and Muslims have to complete The Quran before the Eid ul Fitr Moon.

We can say that Ramadan Mubarak Prayers build the strong relation between the Human and Allah. Therefore Allah opens the doors of Blessings for every Muslim and orders us to wish more. That’s the reason Muslims offer Namaz regularly and pray to Allah after every Namaz. As you hear about fasting above paragraph, let us read more about it. Muslims don’t eat or drink all the day and when the sun sets and after hearing the Maghrib Azan, then Muslims opens their Fast. Muslims open their Fast with dessert which every Muslims called “Khajoor” because opening the Fast with Khajoor is Sunnah. In Mosques, many people arrange the free food for every people especially for poor and needy people for the Sake of Allah. This refreshes the spiritual satisfaction and happiness and Allah also become happy with these activities. These are the reasons that this month is the Holiest month in Islam.

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