Easter is a Celebrative Event of Christian All Over The World

Easter is the most celebrated even in the USA and here I am going to share the best easter day SMS and greetings 2018 for you. You can share these SMS and greetings with your friends.

Why Easter is important for Christianity?

Easter day has a great significance for Christianity in a year. Because on this occasion Christian celebrates Jesus Christ that rose from dead three days after his death by crucifixion. Easter event includes the Monday Thursday “the last supper of Jesus” good Friday on which Jesus was crucified and Easter day on which Jesus come back to his life. There are 5 reasons for which Easter is important for Christianity and this is as follow

  • Jesus restore our brokenness
  • Jesus gives faith to settle our doubts
  • Jesus give peace to replace our fears
  • Jesus conquer our struggles
  • Jesus encouraged when we are overwhelmed

The Benefits of Resurrection of Jesus

People give a response to his rising from dead in the same way as they are responded now. Even his closest followers could not easily believe on it and neither do we. The answer to it has been given by God two thousand years ago as we have same today.

People see risen Christ at every moment. Different responses are addressed by him to his resurrection. He also gave them and to us glimpse of new power when he has defeated the death.

On Easter Sunday there are some questions that are asked of you and they are as follow:

  • Have you believed Christ the son of God had been raised from dead?
  • Have you believed that you can save yourself from the faith of Christ?
  • Have you believed that God loves you very much?

If your answer is yes to these questions then you are giving peace to your hearth.





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