Elizabeth Christ Trump Biography

If you were searching for the Elizabeth Christ Trump and wanted to know about her like Bio, Relationships, Age, and all other information about her, then you have landed on the right page because this page is dedicated to Elizabeth Christ Trump.

Elizabeth Christ Trump Introduction

Elizabeth Christ Trump is the elder sister of the president of the United States of America Donald Trump. She was born in the year 1942.

Elizabeth is not interested in politics at all, but she loves her brother that is why she always supports her brother Donald. She relates to the banking sector.

Elizabeth Christ Early Life

Elizabeth was born in the New York a very famous city of the United States. Her birth year was 1942. The name of the parents f Elizabeth is Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Trump.

Elizabeth Christ was excellent in studies that is why she completed her graduation from the Kew forest school and then went to the Southern Virginia University.

Elizabeth Christ’s Career

As mentioned above Elizabeth was not interested in politics at all that is why should joined the Chase Manhattan Bank after completing her studies, and at present, she is the general manager of the same bank as she has worked very hard for that bank.

Elizabeth Christ’s Marriage Life

Elizabeth Christ’s had not any plan to get married in her whole life as she was very much interested in her work but when she met with the Friedrich she fell in love with her, and they both got married in the year 1902.

At the time of the marriage, Elizabeth was 22 years of old while her husband was 32 years old.

After the marriage, Elizabeth and her husband Friedrich thought to move to the London, and they did move to it and built their house.

So, friends, this was the Elizabeth Trump Grau‘s Biography I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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